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Carey-Ann & Ryley

Garcia Properties

Carey-Ann, 40:  Professor & Microbiologist

Ryley, 40:  Research Assistant in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

It was a sad day for Canada when they left, but a great day for St. Louis who gained some stellar human beings.  While they’re not exactly new to the Lou, Carey-Ann & Ryley wanted a change, but weren’t entirely sure what that was going to look like.  They were drawn to St. Louis’ great historical neighborhoods & really appreciate all of the parks, running & cycling routes.  Their spectacular new home is happily perched right on the park & boasts stunning views that beg them to come & explore.  When they’re not hosting friends & neighbors; creating fun, new craft cocktails you’ll find Ryley pointing out unique cornices or admiring hydraulic pressed bricks & sharing his fascination with St. Louis’ history on their evening strolls. 

What made you decide that it was the right time to buy a new home?

Great question!  For some time we were debating renovating our prior home vs. moving.  Some of the specific items that were important to us were a large master bathroom, closet & storage space, & a garage.  We went to a few open houses & saw some beautifully renovated homes & decided we would rather purchase one that was done rather than live through the renovation ourselves.  After living in the city & being homeowners for more than 10 years, we also felt like we had a much better understanding about what to look for in a home than we did the first time around.

What was it about this house that stood out from others you have seen?

We looked at many houses (or at least it feels like we did…).  We are both very picky & had very specific criteria in mind.  We were not in a rush to buy something, as we did still liked our prior home.  Many of the houses we looked at had renovations that were poorly & quickly done.  One of Ryley’s many rehab “triggers” is “globby wood” with lots of layers of paint built up.  While Benton Park was not in our original search area, this house checked all of the boxes on our wish list—historic home, huge master bathroom, big garage, office on the main floor, lots of closet space, great layout, nice millwork & well-done renovations.  One feature that made this house especially stand out is the deck on the third floor.  It is an amazing outdoor space that is very unique.

What is your favorite thing you’ve done since you moved into your new home?

This is a hard question to answer because there are so many good things.  In terms of what we have done to the house, our favorite room is our front parlor.  It overlooks Benton Park & has that great view of the lake, fountain & bridge!  We have decorated it with a midcentury & art deco flare & we get many compliments on the space.  Several people have asked us who our designer is; no one believes that we have skill in this area.  :)

What was the most challenging part of the buying process?

During the time we were house hunting, inventory was low & houses were selling very quickly.  It was stressful to know that we needed to make decisions very quickly or we would lose the house.  This meant that some mornings our Realtor would meet us at a house that just listed first thing in the morning before we would head to work for the day!

Why did you choose to work with Garcia Properties?

We have truly enjoyed watching the transformations Garcia Properties is making all around St. Louis.  It is amazing to see the skilled & creative restoration of so many buildings & properties into great homes.  We like the “vibe” of the company & the work that they do.  Plus they were right down the street from our prior home.

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