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Vicky Erdel

Kevin, 33: IT Specialist 

Rosie: Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

Kevin is the kind of guy you never see sweat in a difficult situation & his search for a new home was as laid back as he is.  Growing up in St. Peters, he never really felt like the community fit him.  As captain of the St. Louis Crusaders rugby team, he wanted a home he could host out-of-town teams while having great places to dine & fun night life nearby. Being a Veteran, he also wanted to make sure he utilized the special financing options available to him.  VA financing can sometimes be tricky but he & his lender pulled it off flawlessly! Confidence & determination have a way of making things fall into place.  

Why did you begin the search for a new home?

"Things in my life were pretty secure & solid so the timing felt right to take on the responsibility of owning a home."

What are the best features of your new home?   

"The architecture & style of the homes in Benton Park really appealed to me. Also, being near Cherokee Street the location was ideal for me & my lifestyle. The best feature about my house is the amount of natural light that comes in. I love the large windows & the open feeling of the home."

Any words of wisdom you can impart to anyone else looking to buy a home?

"Trust your Realtor. During the process I did not realize there were so many things that needed to happen when buying a home. My Realtor was so great at outlining the steps in the process, explaining what the responsibilities of myself & the seller & keeping me up to date with everything taking place. I didn't have many questions during the process because the majority of them had already been answered & I really felt as though my best interest was kept in mind when going through the process."  

Why did you choose to work with Garcia Properties?

"I was recommended to Garcia Properties by another rugby player. When I checked out the website, I saw an agent that I knew would be a great match for me and slid into their DM's! haha!" 

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